7 of the Best best penny stocks 2021 Penny Stocks to Buy Coming Into Year

These penny stocks are trading cheaply and have the potential to break through
Penny stocks are typically those shares which are trading below the $5 mark . They tend to be inherently riskier than large-cap companies. However, if picked wisely, they have the potential to provide big gains.
Bitcoin has risen more than 46% in value since the start of the year, but has swung wildly in the process. The crypto has cooled considerably after a historic year.
It appears the acquisition of U.K.-based Sahara Presentation Systems has been somewhat of a gamechanger for BOXL stock. It expects its third-quarter revenue to come in at $60 million, a considerable increase compared to Q2.
The psychedelic drugs market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 13.3% from 2021 to 2028. The growing market size stems from the increasing prevalence of mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, MNMD stock has a massive growth runway ahead of it.
The company holds a 100% interest in Bokan Mountain and Dotson Ridge, located in Alaska.
The company experienced triple-digit growth in its revenues on a year-over-year basis in the past three quarters. Revenues in the second quarter grew to $46.8 million, representing a massive 497% increase from the prior year’s quarter. Additionally, customer orders rose by a colossal 986% to $76 million.
Ucore Rare Metals is a company involved in the exploration and separation of rare earth elements in the North American region. It claims to be committed to socially and environmentally responsible practices.
Even though some penny stocks have multi-bagger potential, they’re incredibly risky. The companies behind them typically haven’t had much experience in the marketplace. However, well-known companies may also fall under this category if their shares have plummeted. With proper due diligence and diversification, penny stocks could add a lot of value to your portfolios.
However, if Bitcoin can gather momentum in the coming months, it will likely push EBON stock higher. At this point, though, Ebang is only a short-term investment.
The company produces OLED displays with significantly higher brightness and resolution. Display brightness is a key differentiator among companies in this sphere, so eMagin is a clear leader in the sector.
Boxlight Corporation produces and sells interactive classroom solutions, primarily targeting the K-12 market. It develops various education technology products, including interactive projectors, touch boards and assessment systems.
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7 of the Best best penny stocks 2021 Penny Stocks to Buy Coming Into Year
7 of the Best best penny stocks 2021 Penny Stocks to Buy Coming Into Year
It derives most of its revenues from the sale of Bitcoin mining machines. Hence, its business is heavily dependent upon the price of the cryptocurrency.
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Biocept Inc. is a biotechnology company that specializes in molecular oncology diagnostics. It develops and commercializes proprietary tumor cells and tumor nucleic acid assays. This gives healthcare providers valuable information to give targeted therapy to cancer patients.
The company also develops polymerase chain reaction -based assays to detect the novel coronavirus . Biocept has partnered with Cleared4 for tracking and testing requirements for the virus.
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After a few quarters of being hampered by pandemic-induced weakness, Boxlight is back with a bang, posting stellar top-line results.
Its massive debt load is a problem for XELA stock, which is why it needs to continue to perform well and generate significant free cash flows. But once it addresses this issue, Exela shares can take off.
Biocept has recently exceled on the earnings front. Revenue growth has been staggering in the past three quarters, mainly due to the extraordinary influx of Covid 19 test samples. For instance, its second-quarter revenues were at $12 million, representing YOY growth of more than 1,200%.
The OLED industry is set to grow at a healthy 13.6% annual rate from 2021 to 2026. One of the key catalysts in this expansion will be demand for OLED tech in smartphones, augmented reality and virtual reality .
The transition to its digital strategy and pandemic-related challenges have negatively impacted Exela’s earnings performance. However, as the operating environment normalizes, things might get easier for the company.
The psychedelic drug industry is still in its nascent stage, so there is a considerable amount of risk to investing in the arena. That being said, MNMD stock presents an exciting long-term opportunity and is an attractive buy at current levels.
Mind Medicine is a biotechnology company that develops psychedelic-inspired medicines. We have seen a growing acceptance for these treatments of late, leaving companies such as Mind Medicine in a great position to succeed.
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The process has industry insiders buzzing about the company. Ucore says it is a significantly faster, cheaper and more robust method of extracting rare earth elements. Therefore, UURAF stock could be a long-term winner if its technology can live up to its billing.

Ucore has also entered an agreement with a partner of Hexagon , another rare earth metal company, to assess its separation tech. Known as Rapid SX, the extraction technique separates rare earth elements more quickly than traditional approaches.
EMAN stock and its peers have an exciting opportunity ahead of them. However, the company needs to strike a long-term licensing agreement to attract large-scale customers that will stick around.
Exela Technologies offers business process automation services to customers around the world. Its diversified software solutions enable clients to execute their digital transformation strategies effectively.
The company’s wide variety of offerings cover dozens of industries, providing everything from discrete services to end-to-end processes. Therefore, Exela has the potential to ramp up its sales and free cash flows by a significant margin in the coming years.
The company partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide liquid biopsy testing for lung cancer patients. Hence, BIOC stock has immense potential to provide hefty returns for its investors in the long run.
August was a great month for penny stocks, including those popular on social media sites. With higher volatility across all markets as well as lower interest rates, investors should scoop up some penny stocks. Here are seven that can break out by the close of this year: best stock app in india 2021