#1 Licenced Financial Planner Malaysia best stock in malaysia 2021 CF Lieu

For the longest time, I haven’t been able to get straight answers from the many financial intermediaries there. Lieu had been a great help in answering a lot of the overwhelming financial questions in our mind which keeps us from taking decisive actions. He listens intently and were able to anticipate what we want to ask before we actually ask it. His lively approach in advisory not only delivers actionable steps to follow but also keeps us focused through and through.
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What I really appreciate about Lieu is that he effortlessly combines the logical & emotional aspect of managing money & investing when it comes to the How’s and Why’s He deftly uses great analogies, and at the end of my 1on1 advisory sessions with him, I feel I derived a lot more value than what I initially expected . Lieu possesses a high level of empathy that made me felt understood – my needs, wants, objectives and situation.
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✔️ ”CF’s holistic wealth management knowledge is insane . If you want BOTH the technicality of finance winning money mindset, you need to read his stuff – he’s a Unicorn in a sea of donkey financial planners “
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#1 Licenced Financial Planner Malaysia best stock in malaysia 2021 CF Lieu#1 Licenced Financial Planner Malaysia best stock in malaysia 2021 CF Lieu
Biz owner , Malaysia’s Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017
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I like the fact that CF Lieu is truly relatable as an adviser – you didn’t use any alienating jargon or complex explanations. Yet, you still able to get your point across in a practical & deft manner The Exploration and Reflection coaching process was another thing I appreciate much Never once did I feel cornered throughout our engagement process. In more ways than one, Lieu helped me discovered and surfaced the answers to a web of inter-related questions I had ~ answers which I probably already have within myself but weren’t obvious before
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Biz owner & former regional Head of Human Resource Operations, Shell Business Operations MY
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